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Vendors (Bubblelab Laundry – 24 hours Self Service Laundry, including Bubblelab Laundry’s partnering principals, associates, licensees and franchisees); Users (the users of the Washers and Dryers); Washers (the clothes washing machines); Dryers (the clothes drying machines).


Bubblelab Laundry operate a 24 hours Fully Self Service Laundry business. The premises are open to the general public who wishes to use the Bubblelab Laundry machinery and/or their services. No security arrangement or personnel is provided at the premises. The Users enter the premises of the Vendors at their own free will, unsolicited. By patronizing and using any of the facilities made available by Bubblelab Laundry from time to time, the Users do so fully at their own risks and shall not hold Bubblelab Laundry liable to any form of damages inflicted in whichever manner caused and/or for whatsoever reasons as the case maybe, whether intentionally or otherwise at the premises and/or inflicted by other Users as the case maybe, and shall indemnify Bubblelab Laundry for any damages done to these facilities.

Terms and Conditions of use

The Users hereby agree to comply fully with all the Terms and Conditions which include but are not limited to those set out below and Bubblelab Laundry reserve the sole right to add and modify existing terms and conditions from time to time without any notice to the Users.

Payment Method

All payments are made with the purchase of tokens at Bubblelab Laundry respective outlet’s token exchange machines. The exchanged tokens shall be used as the medium of payment for the Washers and the Dryers. Exchanged tokens are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Unattended Items in Washers & Dryers

For the convenience of other Users of the Washers or Dryers, customers reserve the absolute right to remove all unattended items from the Washers or Dryers after the completion of the washing / drying process, without consent from the owners of the garments. Users are advised to return to the premises before the completion of the washing / drying process to tend to their garments.

Lost Items

Users place items into the Washers and Dryers at their own risk. Items, especially small items, placed intentionally or otherwise into the Washers and Dryers can get lost during the washing and drying processes. Lost items are not retrievable from these machines at the end of their processes. This is due to all waste and effluents being discharged directly to the central sewage system of the authorities at the end of the washing or drying process. Bubblelab Laundry are not liable for any such items, and are not responsible to search for them.

Unattended Items

It is the Users’ sole responsibility, not the Bubblelab Laundry, to look after the Users’ laundry or any personal belongings that are within the premises and/or within the vicinity of the premises. If any belongings are left in the premises and unclaimed for after a period of 2 weeks (14 days), Bubblelab Laundry reserve the sole rights to deal with the unattended belongings as they see fit, which includes disposal in whatever methods deemed appropriate. For the general comfort, courtesy and convenience of other Users, Users hereby undertake not to bring into the premises items that are not for the purposes of washing and drying which includes but not limited to pets and items which are generally regarded as dangerous, offensive and unsightly in nature. Bubblelab Laundry reserved the absolute right to refuse entry to Users who violate this undertaking and/or disposed of any unattended items of such nature, which includes reporting the matter to the police and the authorities.

Loose Items

The Users of the Washers and Dryers are wholly responsible to ensure that all items inserted into the Washers and Dryers are suitable for normal washing and drying by laundry machineries. Bubblelab Laundry are not responsible under any circumstances for any loose items that are damaged, dismantled or lost during the washing and drying process. Loose items include but are not limited to cash, coins, belts, detachable buttons, zips, jewelleries, watches, broaches, cufflinks, hoods, pens, lipsticks, any valuables or any loose items that are or may be detached from garments or pockets. The Users are solely responsible to take due precaution including but not limited to removing all such items from their garments and emptying the pockets prior to using the machines.

Damages to Materials

As detergents and conditioners may be provided free of charge by the Vendors, the Users of the Washers and Dryers must ensure that all the materials to be washed are suitable for washing by normal detergents, conditioners and/or for drying, and can withstand temperatures between 40 to 65 degree Celsius. Regardless of the cause such as material fragility, temperature settings or defects in Bubblelab Laundry machineries, the Vendors shall not be responsible nor be held liable for any damage caused to the Users’ items under any circumstances, including but not limited to color loss, color bleeding, shrinkage of materials, damage to weak and/or fragile fabrics.

Goodwill Payment

In the event of any losses or damages done to the fabrics of the Users for whatsoever reason as the case may be, as a gesture of goodwill but without admission to liability, the Vendors may offer a sum of up to RM20 to the Users for each of such incident caused as full and final compensation.

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