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Why Us?

In Bubblelab, we believed customer satisfied is the key success to our business. Thus, we create our value through Cleaner, Faster & Cheaper to satisfy our customers. We distinguish our self for competitors through 4 aspects as per the following:

Advantage 1

Wash Cleaner and Cheaper with bigger drum capacity.

Additional the CASCADE™ drum concept design provides more perfection over the same surface area to give much water extraction efficiency as well as extra mechanical action that produce even CLEANER washing result.

Advantage 2

Wash Cleaner with 3 rinse steps.

Customer trust to put in more detergent than it need. Thus, excessive following during wash is a big challenge to self service laundry. Bubblelab is the first self-service laundry provider gives 3 rinse steps and deliver superior rinse result. Thanks to Primus

ECO3 wash technology which has 15% less water consumption the additional used in. The less water consumption is comparable with others who have only 2 rinse steps.

Advantage 3

Dryer faster and Cheaper with dual directional rotating drum.

Cloth in the drum will jumbo together after 1 minute. These caused the hot air has difficulty penetrated the inner part thus drying efficiency steps. Our dryer change rotation in every 45 second where before the clothes jumbo together thus dryer more evenly. As a result, it dries faster and cost cheaper.

Advantage 4

Dry cheaper with giant dryer.

You can put 2 x 15 kg washer clothes into our giant dryer. you can dryer it with RM 7 @ 28-minutes compare to using 2 x 13 kg dryers that cost you minimum at RM 8. Thus, dry cheaper.


* Note: Prices are inclusive of GST 6%.

  • Malaysia No. 1 profitable self-service laundry.

  • 95% ROI < 5 Years.

  • Bubblelab Laundry is the only launderette franchise that provides a buy back guarantee* on your machines! Raising a fund of approximately RM 420,000* is not a small investment figure. 
    Come join us Now!

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