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Why Us?
In Bubblelab Laundry, we believe customer satisfaction is one of the most important key factors for the success of our business. Here, we create our value through 'Cleaner, Faster & Cheaper', to meet out customer satisfaction which is evident through the following four aspects:


Advantage 1
Wash Cleaner and Cheaper with bigger drum capacity.

Advantage 2
Wash Cleaner with 3 rinse steps.

Advantage 3
Dryer faster and Cheaper with dual directional rotating drum.

Advantage 4
Dry cheaper with giant dryer.

Why Bubblelab!

Bubblelab Outlet Supervisor


We have a outlet supervisor ready to assist you, if you have any issue, our supervisor will assist you straightaway!

Open 24 Hours a day.

Safety procedure for handling LPG gas dryer


Gas farm door must be led to outside the building for safety purposes. If there is a leak, it will leak to open and will not cause explosion in the outlet. You can find all Bubblelab outlet’s gas farm doors are comply to that.  If you found any discrepancy of such requirement, please contact Bubblelab at 03 - 7496 7575.

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